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OliviaAbout Olivia

Olivia started a new chapter for me in my "Dog World", so I thought it only fitting that her biography be the first that I write. After whelping numerous litters and placing the puppies with our great extended family, it was time that Chris and I keep a baby. Olivia is from Jett's first litter and from the moment she landed in my outstretched hands- with a wet, wiggling plop, she had my heart. I try not to fall in love with puppies because when they go to their new homes it would break my heart. However, this time it was different. As we watched the litter grow, Olivia stood out from her litter mates. As they left for their new homes, she continued to be different. She was our Baby O!

As the saying goes "it takes a village…" and in Baby O's case, it did. Chris and I had lots of help raising her, Jett, Lovey, Ozzy, Payton and even Sullivan all put their own stamp on her upbringing. When we look at her today, we can see a little bit of each of them in her. From the beginning, Olivia was eager to please, absolutely fearless and liked everything and most everyone. If I could only use one word to describe her, it would be "happy".

The day came when it was time for her to begin to show. Winning came easy for our girl, she loved to get in the ring with Ed, she loved to make him happy, she loved the judges and she adored the clapping of the spectators. The best part was that she always kept an eye out for me. When she walked out of the ring the first time, she jumped into my arms with a joy and exuberance that became Olivia's trademark. Win or lose, she always jumped into my arms!

Retired from the show ring and back home with us, Olivia will now focus on the next generation of Tanglewood babies. At the end of each day, she puts her paws on my shoulders, looks into my eyes and gives me a kiss- just a little reminder that she will always be my Baby O. - Jean

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