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Tanglewood’s Spy Who Loved Me (Niko)

Dear Ed and Jean,

Cristal and I can not express enough how happy we are with our beautiful new puppy, Tanglewood’s Spy Who Loved Me (Niko).  He is an adorable little boy.  It is obvious that you invest a great deal of love and effort into breeding Giant Schnauzers.  Niko is incredibly loving and playful.  It surprised me how quickly he accepted our family as his new pack.  All of our friends and family have commented on what a beautiful and friendly dog he is.

Niko is not only loving, but also highly intelligent.  Within a few short days he has developed an amazing bond with our five-month-old daughter.  Niko is instinctively gentle with our little girl.  He loves to give her kisses and snuggle up against her while she sits in my lap. Our daughter has also taken quite a liking to him.  It took her a few days to get used to all the licking and sniffing.  However, she seems to really enjoy her new friend.

On Niko’s first trip to the veterinarian, the doctor even commented on how well behaved of a puppy he was.  He said that it was obvious our breeder had invested tremendous time working with Niko before he came to us.

Niko’s loving devotion to our family is testament to the amazing job you do breeding and socializing Giant Schnauzers.  Thank you for the wonderful new addition to our family.

Sincerely,Matt and Cristal Backer

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