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Ch. BIS Quay's Bad Leroy Brownn of Tanglewood
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LeroyAbout Leroy
It is hard for me to describe how I felt about Leroy. More so than any other dog I have had the privilege of spending time with, Leroy will always have a special place in my heart. As a young boy he was the first dog I was able to get out in the yard and really rough house with. He would knock me down and drag me around our yard during our games of tug-o-war. He would give me more of a battle than sometimes my Mother cared to see, but yet he knew what line to never cross. I did not realize this at this time, but this dog truly loved me and would have protected me with his own life.

This undeniable characteristic is one of the most endearing qualities of Giant Schnauzers. When Leroy left Tanglewood to begin his show career it broke my heart. I now realize it was what was best for him, our breed and my Mother’s kennel. But nonetheless it was hard to say goodbye to him. Leroy went on to a great show career becoming a Best In Show Giant.

Much like Tony, his big brother, Leroy is truly a Tanglewood Legend.
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