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LoveyAbout Lovey
Lovey truly comes to us from Russia… well, so to speak. Lovey’s father is the world famous Gloris Arizona Bill from the well-known Gloris Kennels in Russia. My mentor, great friend and sometimes partner Maryann Biseglia was fortunate enough to lease “Bill” for one year. I was one of the few breeders that was afforded the opportunity to breed to this magnificent dog. Her mother is my beloved Zoey (Tanglewood’s Black Foot Beauty), whom I co-own with the Mihailides family. Lovey was actually born in Rhode Island, but the second I saw her I knew she was coming home with me.

Lovey started traveling to shows with me at a very young age, and is probably the biggest reason for the relationship I have with Chris and Jean Erath today. She is one of the dogs I co-own with Eraths, and you cannot help but to fall in love with her. To say that the sun rises and sets around Lovey in Jean’s eyes would be a tremendous understatement, and she is the absolute boss of their household. Even though her “brothers” Sullivan and Ozzy run Wheaten Security, she is not impressed. She keeps them in line and “tattles” to Jean when she needs back-up.

Lovey’s contributions to Tanglewood have only just begun, and we look to a tremendous future from her puppies. To watch Lovey move across a field is a sight to see, as her movement almost seems effortless. Should a stray squirrel or rabbit grab her attention, to watch her strike a pose can almost take your breath away. Not to mention…she has 3 World Champion dogs in her pedigree!

From Russia with Love Pedigree

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