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JettAbout Jett
Bad Reputation is an interesting name for a dog, but as is usually the case I have a story that goes with her name. We decided to go with a Rock ‘n’ Roll theme for this litter. Her brother, as you may recall is CH. Tanglewood’s Black Sabbath (Ozzy). I have always been a fan of Joan Jett and the Black Hearts and I thought it would be cool to name a dog after them. We wanted to name her Tanglewood’s Black Heart, obviously calling her Jett. The AKC had a problem with the name so we changed it to a Joan Jett song called Bad Reputation. I co-own Jett with Chris and Jean Erath, and when we came up with the name we had no idea how she would live up to it!

Jett is just one of those dogs that always seems to be in trouble. Whether she was jumping into our swimming pool, attacking a throw pillow or shredding some toilet paper, she demanded to be noticed. Growing up as her mentor was our girl, Lovey (Tanglewood’s From Russia With Love), whom I also co-own with Chris and Jean. Lovey and Jett adore each other! When they were younger, they would play together for hours chasing each other around my farm. It was so much fun for me to watch Lovey pick on the younger Jett—frustrating her beyond words. Jett would never give up though, at times she would have to wait for Lovey to fall asleep and use that moment to get even. Lovey, jumping out of a sound sleep, would chase Jett furiously around the farm again, with Jett managing to stay just out of reach.

When we were in the show ring, people walking by could not help but stop and watch Jett. Her charisma and beauty could not go unnoticed. Her first big win came as a group placement at 7 months of age from the classes. A short time later she went on to win the Sweepstakes at the Western Specialty (the Giant Schnauzer National weekend). Later that fall Jean and I jumped on a plane with Jett to attend the Southern Specialty. Not only did Jett again win the Sweepstakes, but also went Best of Winners. As a Special, she had a spectacular career—at one point winning 5 Working groups in a row. Jett continued the Tanglewood tradition (for the seventh year in a row) by earning an invitation to the elite Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show in New York City.

On September 3rd of 2006, Chris, Jean and I were attending a show in Iowa City, where Jett was named Best In Show. Chris, Jean, and I work tremendously hard, putting in countless hours getting our dogs ready for shows and preparing them to be well-adjusted family dogs, to be awarded this pinnacle of dog shows make all of our efforts worth it.

Jett put her heart and soul into being a show dog. She loved being in the ring, special treatment at hotels and she was like a young beauty queen going to the beauty parlor while she was being groomed. I will cherish every single moment I spent with my beautiful little girl. One of the very hardest things about breeding and showing dogs is eventually sending them home. However, Chris, Jean, Lovey, Ozzy and Sullivan love Jett as much as me. She was away from them for a long time and they were all so very proud of her accomplishments. We now hope that Jett will be providing new Tanglewood babies to wear her crown, for quite some time. I am happy to say that Jett and Lovey are reunited. Now instead of Jett and Lovey chasing each other all over my farm, they are home with their entire family in Lakeville, Minnesota.

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