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OzzyAbout Ozzy
Ozzy begins a whole new chapter for Tanglewood Giant Schnauzers. I was so pleased with the original breeding of our girl Annie to the Legendary Ingebar’s Uri Gellar that for the very first time I decided to repeat a breeding.

Ozzy’s owners are Chris and Jean Erath from Lakeville, Minnesota. Chris and Jean have become more than puppy owners, more than partners, they are as much a part of Tanglewood Giant Schnauzers as I am. They get more involved with each decision we make. More than anyone, Jean puts her heart and soul into every task involving Tanglewood. She, in a very short time, has become an extremely accomplished groomer. She loves every minute she spends with the dogs and their world revolves around her. Chris has tremendous pride in all of his dogs but Ozzy truly is the apple of his eye.

Ozzy finished his championship very fast, and now his life has taken a new direction. His older “brother”, (Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier) Sullivan started his own security company, and Ozzy is quite at home in his new role as director of Wheaten Security. When not on duty he is quite the clown and he assumes that everyone is as much in love with him as he is with everyone he meets.

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