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chaceAbout Chace

Dear Ed and Jean,

I am so proud of Chace winning his Championship at 11 months of age with your handling. We have a beautiful puppy with a wonderful temperament .
When I first called you and said I wanted a show quality puppy, I put all my trust in what I knew of Tanglewood Giants. When the babies were born and I saw these beautiful pups, I wondered, "which one will be mine"? As they grew you were already determining which one he would be and just before I took my pup home, you picked Chace. As Chace grew, I could see all the qualities for which you were breeding. People would stop as I was walking him (he was actually walking me)and comment on how handsome he is. We visited Petsmarts/Petcos in the area and he was always the center of attention, many had never seen a Giant Schnauzer. The tellers at Chase bank had me bring him in each time he was with me(I never told them his name was spelled Chace). Always looking for adventure in the woods, Chace has helped Tim stack the firewood by removing each log after Tim had placed it, and mostly by replanting my flowers where he thought they look best.

Ed, I really enjoyed our grooming time with Chace, our discussions regarding the Bears, etc. You put in a lot of hard work making Chace look perfect in the show ring and he certainly stood out from the other breeder's dogs. I was impressed with your and Jean's work ethic, you truly care about your dogs and it shows.

I want to thank you and Jean for being the Giant lovers that you are and I am so happy I found Tanglewood.

Barbara and Tim Henrion

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